For the first time Smart Vylon is offering investors to participate in one of its projects through crowdfunding where different people from anywhere in the world contribute financially with small or large contributions.

At Smart Vylon you become an owner by investing as low as $100 USD.

1- What is the minimum investment?
$100 USD
2- What additional benefits do I get with my investment?
You get a gift according to the investment amount.
3- What are the purchase options I have?

You have 5 ticket options: $100 USD, $500 USD, $1,000 USD, $2,500 USD, $5,000 USD, $7,500 USD y $10,000 USD

4- How is the agreement with the other investors for the rent of the apartment?

All receive their proportional share with respect to the amount of their investment.

5.- If I buy an apartment, how many years would it be paid?

7 years.

6.-How do I get the income from the apartment if it is a collective investment?

It is obtained at the end of the investment period in proportion to your investment.

7- In addition to AIRBNB, how can the apartment be rented?

There are other platforms such as: Expedia, Homeaway and Booking.com.

8- If I make a collective investment, how is the annual remuneration and the appreciation divided?

Based on the amount of your investment, it is directly proportional.

9- How are the incomes of the department managed?

Our staff is trained with the leading apps in the market, they will keep the calendar and raise and lower the rent per night according to the season.

10- What additional services must I pay?

None. Everything is paid from the rent income. As soon as the apartment is sold, it will be paid with money from that.

11- In which areas can I acquire these apartments?

The departments are located in the best areas of CDMX and in Tulum, Quintana Roo

12- Can I visit the apartments before buying?

Yes, you can schedule an appointment and
we will gladly show it to you.

13- What common areas does the department have?

Boardroom, roof garden, coworking area and parking.

14- What makes the department sustainable?

Significant cost savings and maintenance services through the use of renewable technologies such as solar panels.

Ready to Invest?

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